Bangladesh Summit Newsletter

Issue 2014  |  Volume 3  | June 4, 2014 | View it online
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Progress Report

Eradicate Extreme Poverty Day 2014 
The secretariat of Bangladesh Summit participated in the Eradicate Extreme Poverty Day exhibition at the Bashundhara Convention Center on May 31, 2014.  The event was hosted by SHIREE, World Food Programme, and Manusher Jonno. 66 organizations participated with 100 stalls in addition to some knowledge sharing campaigns. 
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Sustainability in Words

Why WASH matters as we tackle today’s water and sanitation crisis
The world is in the midst of a water and sanitation crisis.  This crisis has profound impact on all areas of human development.  We need an approach that reflects the reality of people’s lives by addressing their health, education, water and sanitation and nutrition needs in an integrated way. This is the only way to improve wellbeing and ensure all people in all countries and communities are healthier, live longer, are more educated and have better access to goods and services.
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Sustainability in Images

Dhaka University, Bangladesh understands the value and need for harnessing sustainable energy sources.    The University recognizes that “the whole world today relies heavily on fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for its energy. The continuous depletion of reserve of these fuels as well as the fluctuation in the price of crude oil has made energy independence imperative. To develop sustainable energy systems and solutions for the future energy crises, the University of Dhaka has established the Institute of Renewable Energy.”  This institute seeks to promote research in practice in the field of innovative sustainable renewable energy solutions and has developed an Energy Park for renewable energy research.

Photo Credit:  Alyson Hayes, Eminence