Eminence organized 1st international conference on sustainable development in 2012 titled the ‘Determinants of Sustainable Development: Road to Rio +20’. Again in 2013, we organized the 2nd international conference on sustainable development titled the ‘Global Meet on Sustainable Development 2013’ that facilitated discussion on sustainable development goals as the post-2015 agenda. The key outcome of that conference was the ‘Dhaka Declaration’, a position paper from the civil societies of Bangladesh which was eventually presented in the Side Event of the UN General Assembly 2014 in New York, USA. From this year, the Global Meet on Sustainable Development will be rebranded and staged as Bangladesh Summit on Sustainable Development 2014 to represent Bangladesh as one of the leading global activists of sustainable development. PKSF, BUP, Concern Worldwide, Oxfam, and Islamic Relief have given consent to join the Summit as Organizing Partner. The 3rd Summit on Sustainable Development as Bangladesh Summit will be held during 17-19 August 2014 focusing on the post-2015 development agenda with the title of the “Mission for 100 Years”.