The Bangladesh Summit on Sustainable Development 2014 will provide the opportunity to find out the pathways to attain the sustainable development goal more comprehensively. This event will enable the participants to collectively explore the approaches to be adopted by the developing countries for achieving SDGs and discuss the options for confronting new and emerging development constraints. In addition, the conference will be a space for peer-learning so that concerned actors can take the responsibility to face the development challenges in the post-2015 era.

Expected Outcomes

Although the summit will embrace all the relevant issues of sustainable growth, it is expected to produce the following five key outcomes.

  • To identify the scope of mainstreaming SDGs in national and international development agenda
  • To sensitize the key actors on the implications of perusing the SDGs
  • To ascertain the link between national development and sustainable growth
  • To disseminate the voice of the communities among the major stakeholders
  • To draw a framework of attaining SDGs in the context of developing countries