Welcome Speech from Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad

In spite of notable and positive progress, many issues of development yet remain to be addressed in the context of developing and underdeveloped countries. Bangladesh and other developing countries are still struggling with many challenges, especially in the areas of nutrition; maternal health; education; agricultural, environmental, and ecological sustainability; and social inequalities. Moreover, the post-2015 era is expected to come up with both myriads of development constraints and opportunities for the whole world. Hence, the world is transforming toward a new framework of development that will be built upon the principles Sustainable Development Agenda.

Understating the priority of these issues and keeping the post-2015 development agenda in mind, the Citizen Forum on Sustainable Development and Eminence is going to organize the Bangladesh Summit on Sustainable Development 2014 from 17 to 19 August. Based on the noteworthy successes and lessons learned of the last two Global Meets on Sustainable Development in 2012 and 2013, the organizers are proudly announcing the ‘Mission for 100 Years’ for the upcoming event.

The summit will serve as a platform for the civil society members, key government actors, donor partners, academia, and national-international researchers for sharing and justifying their views on sustainable development agenda and policy framework. Through facilitating debates among the participants, the conference aims to come out with pathways of attaining sustainable development agenda, particularly in the context of developing countries.

You are cordially invited to be a part of this international gathering as a presenting author, partner, sponsor, or concerned civil society member.

Let’s make our future better.

Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmed
Bangladesh Summit on Sustainable
Development 2014