Training Session

A three-day-long ‘Advanced Training on Sustainable Development will be organized for the selected 25 national and 5 international young and mid-level professionals who are currently working with developments organizations, donor partners, government agencies, and academia. This training will be held one week before the summit. Renowned international and national experts, practitioners, and trainers will conduct the training. This advanced training program aims to cover the challenges, complexities, and interactions of the different topics of sustainable development. Moreover, it will train the decision-makers and professionals to enable them to implement the innovations within the target countries in order to drive the process of change in a sustainable way.

The training will deliver the following modules.

1. Basic concepts, principles, and policies of sustainability.
2. Practices of sustainable development.
3. Environment, ecology, and sustainability.
4. Sustainable rural and urban development.
5. Agricultural sustainability and population dynamics.
6. Sustainable monitoring and assessment of projects.
7. Eco-innovation and low-carbon economy.
8. Climate change and global environmental issues.
9. Case studies in sustainability.

Schedule of Conference and Pre-Conference Training

The summit is scheduled to take place from 17 – 19 August 2014 in Dhaka with three days of academic sessions. The three days long conference is comprised of two plenary sessions (i.e. inauguration and closing session), twenty-four breakout sessions (i.e. two sessions for each of the thematic area), three digital poster sessions (i.e. one session every day), and a cultural program followed by gala dinner (i.e. after the closing session). The advanced training course for the professionals will take place from 11 – 13 August 2014 near the conference venue in Dhaka.